What Works Best For Your Backyard – Stamped Concrete vs Pavers?

Thinking to renovate your backyard to create a piece of paradise where you can relax or build beautiful memories. Well, you have a lot of choices to do so. Many choose stamped concrete or pavers and both have their benefits as well as disadvantages. We will discuss a few characteristics of each to help you make an ideal choice.

Those who are looking to spruce up their backyard or outdoor living space often get confused that which one is the best. Let’s check the pros and cons of stamped concrete vs pavers stated below:


  • Durability and longevity


Pavers refer to stones made from concrete, clay brick or natural stone. These are available in small pieces in different sizes, colors, textures, and patterns. On proper installation, these pieces interlock to create a strong and flexible pavement. As these interlock, the pavers are laid more strongly. Moreover, there are many joints, hence they don’t crack or break. They are 3 to 4 times more strong than any concrete foundation and you can expect a lifetime warranty on pavers offered by many manufacturers.

As pavers are manufactured with pigments which gives them a thick appearance throughout so even if there is a tiny chip, it goes unnoticed. You can add color to poured concrete, but it fades and you would need to reapply the color every two years. Stamped concrete is a normal concrete but it can be imprinted to look like precious stones (for example, flagstone). Both the pavement options are durable if a protective sealer is applied to them.


  • Installation time


An average patio takes three to five days for installation by experienced workforce whereas concrete patios can be poured in a few hours. However, concrete patios take one to three days to cure. However, as soon as a paver is installed you can walk on it through the procedure to install pavers is more complex than the stamped concrete.


  • Price and maintenance cost


The initial cost of installing the paver is higher than stamped concrete, but as it needs less costly maintenance in the future, so you end up saving a lot of money here. A basic paver installation cost is 30 percent higher than the same sized stamped concrete patio, but ongoing maintenance for a stamped concrete will be more costly as you need to do recoloring and sealing of the backyard every two to four years.

Building materials and equipment that are required to install a paver like paving stones, gravel base, stabilization fabric, bedding sand, etc. makes the initial investment more costly. The most of competitive cost of a stamped concrete per square foot varies between $3 to $ 5 depending on the labor and material. Pavers cost between $5 to $15 per square foot.


Uses of stamped concrete and pavers

Now, let’s look at some of the uses of stamped concrete vs pavers to get a clear understanding of how both the options can be beneficial for those who are looking to transform their backyard. Both can be used uniquely to add some aesthetic appeal to the backyard.


  • Interlocking pavers can add some accents to your backyard. It helps to create a cohesive structured look whereas stamped concrete is used to create beautiful replicas of expensive materials. You can use stamped concrete to match the color of tiles and other natural stones in your yard.


  • Brick pavers interlock. Unlike stamped concrete, they can adapt to the shifting of ground. They can also hold the color. On the other hand, stamped concrete can add elegance and stylish finishes to enhance the beauty of the outdoor areas.  


  • Pavers have abrasive texture and a non-slippery tendency. Stamped concrete can add an artistic appeal to any room, driveways, backyard, pavements, hallways, etc. Stamped concrete is used for design purposes and stamping patterns give a bit more personality to your space provided you hire the best stamped concrete contractors in Ohio near your area.



So, whether you use stamped concrete or pavers, both have their advantages. However, stamped concrete is a more preferable choice for homeowners as it comes at a fair price and enhances the value of your property. At Difranco, we make sure to offer exemplary colorful stamped concrete options that reflect your taste when it comes to designing your home in a spectacular manner.

If you stay in Ohio and looking to improve the look of your backyard drastically then get in touch with our stamped concrete Cleveland Ohio contractors. You can expect a highly skilled crew available at reasonable prices who are specialized in quality workmanship.  

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