Sewer Repair

In the unfortunate event that your sewer line can’t be cleaned, sewer repairs or replacement is the only option. Many homeowners hire a sewer cleaning or plumbing company to diagnose the problem. When they find out they need the sewer line or sewer lateral replaced, the sewer cleaning or plumbing contractor gives them a quote to perform the repair. Many times these plumbing or sewer cleaning contractors are not equipped to handle an exterior excavation project like a deep trench sewer line. They will often use a subcontractor who is better equipped to handle the job. Often times these sewer replacement jobs are marked up at a very high margin and the homeowner is left with an enormous bill.

DiFranco is a full service sewer line repair and replacement contractor. We are a licensed sewer builder and have the equipment and knowledge to perform your sewer line repair/replacement project. Often times we can save the homeowner a substantial amount of money compared to hiring a plumber or sewer cleaning company to complete the work.