Reasons To Choose Stamped Concrete For Your New Patio

A stamped concrete patio is a wonderful addition to your property that can enhance the appeal of your front or backyard. You can choose from different patio designs that can match the style of your living space explicitly. Concrete designs are in demand due to their versatility as these can be modeled in any shape to fit the house needs in a creative way.

There are many colors and textures to choose from. You can take the advice from experts when it comes to selecting stamped concrete patio patterns because you can choose colored concrete, color hardeners, concrete stains or dyes to try many variations. No matter what you choose, the choice will always be premium and you will not be disappointed by the end result.

Why stamped concrete for your living space?

There are ample reasons to select a stamped concrete patio idea for your outdoor area. Let’s check a few of them:

∙        Concrete can be stamped and textured like a tile, wood, brick or stone and the cost will be a fraction of the cost of pavers. It can be modeled in any shape to meet your backyard requirements because concrete is very durable and can withstand any weather conditions. 

∙        If you want the concrete to match the landscape or your house, you can make use of dye, stains and colored patterns. The look can always be unique. The main advantage is, you will not see sands in the joints or notice any weeds growing like in pavers. You don’t have to worry about splintering and wood rotting because of the termites. Concrete will always look aesthetically appealing and unlike wood, it is environment-friendly.

∙        You can use this space for spending time with friends and family. You can use the space for different purposes and entertain your family with a BBQ. You don’t have to go anywhere and still enjoy a great time in the comfort of your own backyard. 

Some more details on why you should go for stamped concrete?

∙        Design and pattern: There are exclusive design and patterns for stamped concrete. You can turn the regular concrete in something which looks like brick, wood, fieldstone or cobblestone. However, you should have the right tool for it. Natural stones and precast pavers can be very costly if you compare it to stamped concrete. It is an economical option and you can easily mimic any pattern and choose the desired look.

∙        Choose from many sealers: You can choose from different concrete sealers. Sealing the stamped concrete correctly is very important and you need to maintain its durability and spectacular appearance. It will help to protect the stamped concrete from the chemicals, stains, oil, cold climate and damaging water. There are two sealers which you can choose. One is the penetrating sealer and the other is the film forming sealer.

Penetrating sealer penetrates the surface and it reacts with the concrete chemically so the concrete can be protected from deicing salts and moisture. It helps to fill the macro and micro spaces and solidifies the complete substrate in one solid mass.  It will also prevent moisture absorption and rain. Thus, water will not bead in the surface. It is also easy to clean and requires less maintenance as well as reapplication. The penetrating sealer is even UV resistant.

Film-forming sealers form a protective film over the concrete surface and these are a popular choice for decorative concrete. It helps in enhancing the color of concrete and leaves a shiny glossy look. It is easy to apply Acrylic film forming sealers which can be used on the exterior or interior stamped concrete. Acrylic sealers offer good protection against chemical damage and water. They are UV resistant and dry quickly. They are good for high traffic areas and can be used on exterior or interior concrete.

∙        Build beautiful Stamped concrete driveway: If you have a few questions about stamped concrete driveway like how long do they last, what is their cost, how long they take to install, etc. then it’s good to be clear about it. Well, it is much durable than the other materials and if it is installed by the professional stamped concrete contractors in Ohio then the lifespan can exceed from thirty to forty years. Sub-Base preparation enhances the life of stamped concrete. You should install good gravel which is compacted and there should be proper drainage to prevent the concrete from settling or heaving. If you add good colors to the concrete, it will improve its curb appeal and this will increase the value of your property. Per square foot price is 10 to 15 dollars. For the accurate price, you must get in touch with professional contractors.

∙        You can choose different stamped concrete overlays: Stamped concrete overlays are beneficial for these do not rip the already existing concrete slab. For a dull, worn out concrete you should choose a stamped overlay. The stamped overlays go about ¼ to 3/8 inch thick depending on the pattern. These are durable and strong for a pool deck, sidewalk, and a concrete driveway. The material can be tinted with colors and can be stained. Natural stone, brick, slate, tile and wood plank are some popular choices for concrete overlays.

∙        You can think of implementing Concrete stamping mats: Concrete stamping mats are great to be used to create beautiful stamped concrete patios, driveways and overlays. There are so many patterns to choose from and if you get in touch with experts, it will be easy to decide about the designs. You can get some great ideas. You can choose roller stamps, rigid stamping mats, flexible stamping mats, texturing skin, etc.


There are ample of reasons to go for stamped concrete patios and it is an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to enhance the beauty of their space. You can choose from various patterns, designs, etc. The choice is yours, but you will never fall short on options. It is versatile, durable and a perfect way to improve the décor of your outside area.

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