Basement Waterproofing

Today, the basement waterproofing industry is flooded with waterproofing systems companies or interior waterproofers. These companies send a high pressure sales person to your home to sell you a one size fits all approach system. This sales person generally has no experience doing the work and is only interested in selling you one of these interior or combination systems so they can make there commision. This same salesperson usually exaggerates your problem and will tell you that the repair is urgently needed or something catastrophic will happen. These are all selling tactics that are used to pressure you to sign a contract that day.

Unfortunately, these systems really don’t solve your problem, just hides it. Many homes with these systems develop structural issues such as bowed or sheared basement walls needing major structural repairs. When these issues arise, the cost is much greater than a proper exterior basement waterproofing.

These system companies usually offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on their work. Read this guarantee very carefully as it usually only covers seepage and has many limitations. You will find that no guarantees or warranties against cracking, bowing or structural issues and will usually specifically state this in the small writing. This is a big problem as ultimately your foundation is the most important part of the structural integrity of your home. It’s also one of the most expensive to fix if it fails.

DiFranco uses a problem solving approach to your basement water issues. We inspect, diagnose and recommend a repair designed to solve your problem. Often times, this repair can be less costly than these system can offer with there one size fits all approach. We have been in the waterproofing business for over 20 years and have the proper solution for your water problems. Our work is done on the outside of your foundation and is designed to keep the water out, not bring in inside and pump it out with a sump pump. Most importantly, your homes foundation will be protected from structural damage.

Understanding How Basement Waterproofing Works

For over 20 years, DiFranco Contractors has been offering waterproofing services in Northeast Ohio, making them one of the most trusted service providers in the industry.

The industry is now littered with companies that make false claims while delivering subpar results. DiFranco Contractors, however, continues with their old-fashioned approach to the job. If you are considering basement waterproofing, then you may have stumbled upon system companies. These service providers promise to be experts at anything related to waterproofing, but will encourage you to use their method, which relies on an interior water control system.

For any leaks or foundation issues in your basement, DiFranco Contractors tries to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. They refuse to use a one-size-fits-all system. Several factors may cause a leaky basement, which is proper identification of the cause proves vital in developing the right course of action. This enables us to deliver the kind of solution that satisfies the needs of our customers adequately. Through this, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get topnotch services without shelling a ton of money. System companies, meanwhile, do not care much about the cause of the issue because they simply offer the same solution to all clients.

You will find many contractors that promise to provide waterproofing services, but in reality, they only use an interior water control system. This system is installed inside your basement. It includes pumps and a drain tile, sometimes called a French drain. Waterproofing is only done on the exterior. It serves to stop any problem that leads to seepage. This is in contrast to a water control system, which only works by dealing with the seepage long after it has found its way into your basement. You are letting the water in and then pump it out later. Waterproofing, however, keeps the water out entirely.

To understand the problem better, bear in mind that the root cause isn’t water itself. Water must be seen as a symptom of the problem. Seepage happens due to cracks or openings in your walls. Sometimes it occurs due to an inoperative or malfunctioning drainage. It’s also possible that a combination of the two problems causes the leak. Water control systems must not be used if you already see signs of water damage in your walls such as mold and damp spots. Installing an interior system might only make the problem worse. DiFranco Contractors have waterproofed countless homes that depend on interior systems. In most cases, these homes didn’t have seepage problems. However, many homeowners get surprised upon learning that there are structural problems in the walls, which the guarantee doesn’t cover.

The Inside-Outside Approach

One of the costliest water control systems is the inside-outside approach. You may find system companies that recommend limiting outside work such as exploration trenches. However, there’s very little benefit to partial exterior work. The company salesman will convince you of the advantages of taking this approach, simply because the company can keep more money by avoiding too much digging. The foot lower than your basement floor’s level proves most important, as this is where groundwater collects. If the company doesn’t even reach this point, then don’t expect to receive the kind of services you pay for. This explains the need for interior drains and pumps even when using inside-outside systems. Inside work isn’t as important when waterproofing is performed correctly.

An interior water control system uses a sump pump to eliminate water from the system. It’s not uncommon for system companies to put a different label on sump pumps. They sometimes call them super water extractors, pressure release systems, or another fancy name. The salesman might even try to convince you that their system isn’t a sump at all. But whatever they choose to call it, a sump pump serves the same purpose.

You must also understand that separate permits are required for water control and waterproofing in Northeast Ohio. If the company offers waterproofing, then check whether they have a waterproofing permit. This is a good way to weed out companies who offer a certain service yet do not have the necessary permit to carry it out legally.

Clay Expansion

Expanding clay often leads to wall shearing or horizontal cracking. According to experts, clay expansion is the number one cause of home damage in the U.S. If you notice your foundation cracking or bowing, then it’s safe to say that clay expansion is to blame. System companies try to avoid digging as much as possible, so they create devices such as carbon fiber mesh, carbon fiber straps, wall anchors, and different kinds of beams to stabilize the wall. All these devices work by counteracting the effects of clay expansion, but it doesn’t address the root of the problem. A better approach is to remove the cause of the movement, which is clay itself. Also, you may have difficulties selling your house if the walls come with anchors, beams, and all sorts of devices just to hold them up.

The basement floor is responsible for providing lateral support, which improves the stability of the bottom of the wall. If you see signs of movement such as stair or horizontal cracking, then make sure you do not allow any contractor who wants to cut or jack hammer the wall just to stall an interior water control system. A wall with visible cracks means it needs all the support it can get. If you eliminate lateral support, then you will only make the problem worse.

Why do so many contractors try to sell you on water control system? Because they get to keep a lot of money in their pockets. These systems require little in terms of labor and equipment costs. It’s safe to assume that nearly all system companies that use interior drainage systems enjoy up to 70% profit margin when offering this type of work.

The problem-solving approach taken by DiFranco Contractors allows customers to have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the highest level of service. An honest evaluation of the problem leads to the development of the best solutions. The unparalleled growth of our company shows our commitment to helping all our clients by providing customized services based on their unique requirements. Through hard work, honest, and consistency, DiFranco Contractors has established its reputation as one of the leading providers in the industry.

Basement waterproofing is often necessary if your home or structure has a below grade or underground basement. When homeowners have to deal with water leaking into their basements, it usually causes a lot of stress as it usually ends up being a repair that they didn’t budget for. Sadly, hundreds of Ohio homeowners deal this is on a yearly basis. Too often, they choose to not hire a contractor to fix the problem. Continuing to ignore it can cause much bigger headaches later on including mold, mildew,flooding and even structural issues if neglected for long enough . Hiring an experienced basement waterproofing business is one of the smartest decisions you can make. It will make your home worth more and increase the air quality in your home.

The great news is DiFranco Contractors Inc. does interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Everyday we help residential homeowners, commercial property managers, and business owners with waterproofing services. If you have a below grade structure that needs to be waterproofed, call DiFranco Contractors, Inc for an estimate. The most common waterproofing method is exterior waterproofing. Exterior waterproofing is the most permanent fix and doesn’t require as much upkeep over time.