Amazing Backyard Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas That Make Your House Look Perfect

Stamped concrete is the process of decorating the concrete once it has been appropriately installed. These are used for the driveways and several other projects. There are many stamped concrete types which can be used for making amazing backyards which can make your house look appealing to spectators. It is a cost-effective solution for paving and decorating your backyard in a variety of ways. You just need to be creative for using the stamped concrete in an exemplary manner.

There is end number of stamped concrete patio ideas to enhance the look of your house. Following are some suggestions for designs from basic to supreme quality which can fit your budget and needs precisely.


Basic designs:

You can choose basic concrete patio designs layouts that are simple and are an easily repeatable pattern. For example, brick and square flagstone. These basic designs can be used for large backyard areas which can be showcased in distinguishable repetitions. It is the required aesthetic at times. These designs are easy to spot, unlike others. Many home improvement stores sell these simple patterns but you will get a limited selection. A very popular basic pattern is single colored flagstone and cobblestone. This design is called basic because over here a mold is picked and moved from one section to other.


Intermediate designs:

Intermediate or mediocre designs cover two to three colors for the field. It also covers a contrasting color for the borders. Patterns for repeated design are not that easy to detect because two stamps of the same design can have distinct colored stones and these interlock in several ways. A popular mediocre choice is a flagstone which gives a natural look and you don’t need to spend extra for that. These colors and patterns look very attractive and the border helps to define the area. With this in mind you can come up with many backyard stamped concrete patio ideas which can make your outdoor space look extremely pleasing to the eyes.


High-end designs:

High end designs are the ones where things look extremely fancy and expensive. In this price range, you can go for saw cut designs, hand tooled edges and hand colored concrete.

Saw cutting: You can put a custom design here and these can be geometric patterns, images or logos of your choice.  This is a skillful job so you would need skilled stamped concrete contractors for this type of work. The contractors have the skills, knowledge and an understanding on using the right tools for doing this type of work. SO, you can expect a beveled cut or square edges as per your choice. For some designs a walk behind saw is a good option and for some hand held saw is perfect to get the right cut. Depending on the look you desire the skilled craftsman can make use of the necessary saw or blade to get the right cut.


Hand coloring: It is the art of implementing the right concrete stain so it looks natural and exotic. For example, wood stamping looks like an absolute natural wood floor. You can replicate the natural tone changes when it comes to coloring the stones and making stamped leaf patterns

Stamped concrete patio designs


Hand tooling: With the use of hand tools it’s easy to carve the stone edges which give a natural appearance. The exposed edges give a natural appearance because of this and it’s easy to imitate stones that are weathered with age or are freshly cut. This is very common with homes that are quite old and hand tooling allows to give the concrete a new look.


So, choose your design type and get in touch with reputed stamped concrete Cleveland Ohio contractors who can fulfill your dream of making an amazing backyard with stamped concrete patio in a brilliant way.

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