How To Solve Your Sewer Pipe Problems

Owning a home is like a dream come true, but with this comes a lot of responsibilities. One such responsibility is to take care of sewer pipes, leakage issues, etc. A lot of people take pipe maintenance lightly, but ignorance can lead to severe problems. It can lead to plumbing issues and who will want this.

If you want to ensure your pipes should work perfectly, then getting in touch with a well-known sewer cleaning company is definitely an exact cure for pipe problems.

You also need to be proactive about pipe problems and take some steps to resolve the pipe issues temporarily. You can also implement some steps to solve the pipe problems appropriately.

Here, we will look at some simple maintenance tips that you can use to keep your pipes in a good working condition.

  1. Dripping Faucets: Dripping faucets is a common problem and it is ignored by almost everyone. A dripping faucet wastes water and adds your water bill. If you choose a drip calculator online, you will understand that how much water you are wasting every time. Most of these faucets need new seat washers. Replacing the old ones can solve the problem in most of the cases. However, if the problem still persists you must call a sewer repair company that can give you a permanent solution. 
  2. Leaky Pipes: Leaky pipes are quite common during the cold winter months, but you can face this issue anytime during the year as well. Most of the pipes leak from the joints and the water damage can be costly for your property. Therefore, leaky pipes should be fixed as soon as possible.  Firstly, you should turn off the water from the main valve. Take a piece of rubber and place it from where the pipe is leaking. Now, make use of the electrical tape and wrap around the pipe very tightly. Make sure to hold the rubber piece in place so you can wrap it properly. 
  3. Obstructed Pipes:  Debris like dirt and hair can obstruct the water flow and cause slow or clogged drains. Drain cleaner can help in removing some obstructions, but regular use of drain cleaner can cause damage to the pipes. Placing a drain filter in the sink and tub is a cost-effective way to avoid this issue. If you keep experiencing clogged drains call a well-known sewer repair & Maintenance Company near your area to get the problem resolved immediately. 
  4. Bursting irrigation system: The pipes in the home do need maintenance, but taking care of the lawn sprinkler systems is equally important. It requires maintenance as well. As you plan to halt using the irrigation system for the season, it is necessary to clear the water lines and turn the system off. If you don’t take care of this then the risk of water being frozen in the pipes and bursting will increase. It will leave you with water and repair bills. If the water from pipes leaks in the home foundation and freezes then it will result in cracks and cause severe issues which can be difficult to handle. It’s better not to ignore it and take action immediately.

  5. Sewer backup: It is a nightmare to deal with sewer backup. Thanks to preventive maintenance help that can rule out this issue. If you have a septic tank then, first of all, you should get it emptied on time and depending on several factors, like how many people are staying in your home and what’s the size of the tank, you need to decide how often it should be pumped. As per the EPA, most of the household septic tanks are pumped every 3 to 5 years. If the main sewage pipe of your home is connected to a municipal line you should get it cleaned yearly.


These are some tips to resolve the pipe problems or at least lower the risk of damage. Overflowing sink or a broken pipe can cause a flood in your home and sewer line repair methods can be very useful if you use them cautiously and on time. Flooding not only causes damage to your property and household stuff, but it results in the growth of harmful bacteria which will further lead to health risks.  So, to avoid it you can do the following:


  • Firstly, locate the main water valve: Turning off the water will make a big difference as it is better to have a small clean up job rather than a full-blown flood. Before, any kind of water emergency comes, shut the main water valve. Store all your tools near the valve that can be convenient to help you in such an emergency.

  • Secondly, installing an automated shutoff valve will be beneficial: It will give extra protection and the battery powered valve will stop the water to home in case the flood sensor is activated and to install it, taking help from a plumber will be a wise decision.

  • Thirdly, add sensors to the security system of your home: Most of the home security providers offer temperature alert and water detection systems which can be installed to the home security system. You get alerts via email or text when water is detected at an inappropriate place or when the temperature drops to a level where pipes have to be compromised. Adding such products to the home security system is not just effective, but is very simple as well. It is a great way to avoid the household flood.


It is said that prevention is better than cure, so these tips will help you to some extent. However, to avoid damage or serious pipe problems, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a well-known sewer repair service company near your area. The experts will deal with the sewer problems in a professional manner.. They have the expertise, skills and right tools to guard the pipes against the common and severe threats as well.

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