How To Identify Common Reasons Of Flooded Basements

Every individual has a dream of buying a new home for themselves. For most of the people, it takes years of savings, sacrifice, and patience to have a new home. Even after buying a new home where a lot of capital is being invested, there is a recurring expenditure for maintenance. There are many areas that require constant maintenance, one such area is a flooded basement. This is one of the most difficult challenges a homeowner has to face to keep the home intact year after years. Keeping of flooding we always think of the weather conditions. Yes, the weather conditions are not in our hands to tackle. But that is not the only factor for a flooded basement. And probably this is not your fault also so don’t take it on hard on yourself because a flooded basement can happen to anyone and even if it has not flooded before it can happen at any point of time. Basement means at the lowest level of any building. By architecture, it is built on ground level or even below it. So, It is prone to flooding.

There are quite a few other factors that affect this and destroys the integrity of your house that you have achieved with so much hard work. This Nightmare impacts your safety and the comfort level of the family members. It is best to deal with the problem right away when your basement is flooding. Let’s look at the causes for such an issue:


Choosing an unsuitable location for your home

If your house is built on a sloping terrain, it is likely to be flooded. This area of the house is will be flooded quite frequently. In such a condition it is quite unlikely to solve this problem with man-made solutions. Land slopes will be always getting this area. It will take a lot of time but due to erosion, it will be level and this way your problem addressed. So just be patient and let nature to take care of the issue. In this flooding season, you can look into some other area of Residence so that you can take care of the family and give them the comfort. Once the water levels the water will drain out and you can live again. So, make sure but you make a temporary residence spot so as to take refuge in the times of flooding.


Poor construction

Poor construction that is poor flooring and wall ceiling have been one of the most major issues that have served as the cause of basement flooding. Before calling the basement, waterproofing contractors let’s discuss this in detail. We all know to log water there always have been the use of tiles. In case of your basement, tiles are also used. If the basement tiles have not been filled quite rightly during your house was built it is a chance that water will easily leak through the wall and create a condition for flooding. But how do you know that this is the reason your basement is planning. So, if you find your basement to be filled with water just after a heavy downpour or a stone you must understand that this is the reason for poor flooring and wall ceiling. Make sure that exterior basement waterproofing and foundation wall waterproofing is one of the key criteria while constructing the basement. This way you will not suffer from unnecessary flooding and the hefty amount you have to pay so as to maintain it.


The public gutter wrongly connected

Your new house is always plugged into the public sewer system so as to keep a smooth flow of the gutter. But is the gutter system is blocked or clogged or improperly installed and broken, and then there is a probable chance that this will flood your property. And this will not only be water it can be waste water which can make your basement a disaster. If that is the case make sure you speak with the local authorities who are responsible for the gutter system and your water levels will work fine.


Wrong eaves troughs system

This is a similar problem to the gutter. Eaves Troughs is filled with debris which will tend to overflow when rain downpour which will damage your basement and cause leaks to sprout. Well, it is not that difficult to fix this problem. Since this is located on the roof you have to take your effort and clean it.


System went wrong

There are multiple household items that are likely to go wrong. Be it your sand pump or damaged water supply lines or even the water heater leak, you will find plenty of such causes which we tend to ignore. Keep a regular check on these items so as prevent basement flooding.

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