How To Clean Your Pipes Without Damaging It

Clogged drains could be really troublesome especially when your traditional pipe cleaning methods fail to tackle the trouble. All the traditional reasons for pipe blockages can be addressed with the latest cleaning technologies available at our disposal. Some of the conventional methods to clean your pipes plumbing problems offer short-term solutions but do not help to eliminate the problem completely. Recurrent clogging could eventually lead to excavation or major dismantling as the last option to solve the problem. Professional plumbers have got specialized types of equipment and are trained to clean the pipes without causing any major damage to them. Local people in Ohio can always take help from these trained professionals.

Reasons Behind The Blockages

The slow accumulation of sludge inside the pipes creates a free flow of water by decreasing the inside diameter of the pipes. Sludge is basically the combination of grease, food traces, hair, soap scum and dissolved minerals that continues forming the layers inside the pipe leading to blockage. Common drain snake can create a hole resuming the water flow but it does not offer a permanent solution. You might think that you are getting new clog every now and then without realizing its the replay of the previous hitch.

There are multiple kinds of pipe cleaning techniques that can be utilized by any household-

Tub and bathroom sink drainage pipes- Toothpaste, long hair, and soap residues are the primary cause for bathroom pipe blockage. The simplest method to remove these clogs is by using hot water. Regular use of warm water in the bathroom can help to dissolve these water-soluble impurities. Drain savers can be installed in bathrooms when you know your hair is long enough to clog your bathroom pipes.

Toilet pipes- Do not flush your toilet with garbage because these materials will get stuck in the pipe and will not biodegrade. For a backed up toilet, you can try basic techniques like snaking and plunging. But if the problem persists try getting in touch with local drainage contractor, Ohio. Avoid unwanted material like cotton, nail, hair and dental floss through your toilet pipes.

Kitchen Drains-  Kitchen pipes are the easy prey to blockage and clogging. Hot water and dish soap combination can effectively solve the trouble if clogging has just begun. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is also very effective in unclogging the pipes. To avoid the unwanted material going through your kitchen pipe use wire mesh filters on top of the kitchen drain. This mesh helps in keeping all the clog causing substances away from your drains.

Garbage disposal systems- Remember to run the garbage disposal with extra water after every use to flush out all the garbage. To avoid clogging do not fill the system with hard food substances and food items that might swell up in water. Local Ohio people can take help from experts in case the pipes cant be cleaned with do it yourself methods.

Common technologies available for pipe cleaning-

Power Rodding- This equipment is the modified version of the plumbing snake. It is a thin metal cable that is attached to the pipe and sends it to the place of the clog. It has sharp blades attached to its head which are rotated by an electric motor. These blades are custom made to the size of the clogged pipe. The residual matter is cut by these sharp blades and eventually, its flushed out from the pipe. Since the blades are of the size of the pipe and the motor is very efficient it creates very less stress on the clogged pipe.

Hydro Jetting- This system uses a water line with high pressure in place of blades. The nozzles attached at the head of the line can discharge the water with 3,500 p.s.i. This high-pressure water jet acts like a knife cutting through the dirt and obstruction. The sludge is immediately turned into a semi-solid state after which its flushed out of the pipe. To clean out plumbing pipes in a gentle yet effective way this hydro jetting technique is very effective.

To maintain the life of the pipes it is suggested to avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Plunging or snaking is a much better and effective way to remove the clogs as compare to strong chemicals that can internally erode and damage the pipes. You might find these chemicals as an instant solution to your worries but in long run, they cause more trouble than they are actually worthy of. In some extreme cases, they might mix with some other chemicals or metals and may lead to a pipe burst. Once the clogs are completely removed some mild bio-cleaning products can be used to maintain the pipes.

Mechanical means are another effective and widely used method by plumbers though in long run it may cause some damage to the pipes. Prevention can save you all the trouble, so avoid dumping these pipes with unwanted materials.  

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