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Today, the basement waterproofing industry is flooded with waterproofing systems companies or interior waterproofers. These companies send a high pressure sales person to your home to sell you a one size fits all approach system. This sales person generally has no experience doing the work and is only interested in selling you one of these interior or combination systems so they can make there commision. This same salesperson usually exaggerates your problem and will tell you that the repair is urgently needed or something catastrophic will happen. These are all selling tactics that are used to pressure you to sign a contract that day.

Unfortunately, these systems really don’t solve your problem, just hides it. Many homes with these systems develop structural issues such as bowed or sheared basement walls needing major structural repairs. When these issues arise, the cost is much greater than a proper exterior basement waterproofing.

These system companies usually offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on their work. Read this guarantee very carefully as it usually only covers seepage and has many limitations. You will find that no guarantees or warranties against cracking, bowing or structural issues and will usually specifically state this in the small writing. This is a big problem as ultimately your foundation is the most important part of the structural integrity of your home. It’s also one of the most expensive to fix if it fails.

DiFranco uses a problem solving approach to your basement water issues. We inspect, diagnose and recommend a repair designed to solve your problem. Often times, this repair can be less costly than these system can offer with there one size fits all approach. We have been in the waterproofing business for over 20 years and have the proper solution for your water problems. Our work is done on the outside of your foundation and is designed to keep the water out, not bring in inside and pump it out with a sump pump. Most importantly, your homes foundation will be protected from structural damage.

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